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my first tattoo

I flipped a coin. Heads, I was going to dye my hair some crazy color. Tails, I was going to get a tattoo. It landed on tails. Twice.

So I got a bee tattoo! Eyrn Rowe in Tampa helped me achieve this pretty insect on my wrist, and she did such a fantastic job. The thin lines and hyperrealism are incredible. ( please check out Eryn's work! )

I get these urges to change things about my outward appearance to match up with the person I feel I am on the inside. I love change. Change means growth and new experiences, which is excellent for a too safe introvert like me. I've wanted tattoos for years but never found the means or a design I liked enough to put on my body. Or someone else would already have the same tattoo I had in mind.

I finally decided on a lil bee on my wrist because it was aesthetically pleasing to my eye, and I didn't care that it was a common tattoo. Within a single week, I went from the first email consultation sent to Eyrn to final design and then actually going to get it tattooed. That is kind of impulsive for me, but my hasty decisions are never the ones I regret. Anyways, the tattoo hurt a little and was maybe a 5/10 on my pain scale. I have high pain tolerance, so it was manageable pain. After a while, you forget that it hurts and in the end, it is worth it. My bee that is about 1" in length took a little less than 1 hour to complete. It has been three days since I got it and I took the wrap off today. I am super satisfied with how it turned out.

Bees symbolize personal power, community, the sun, growth, the Goddess, good luck, and wealth. These are things that I identify with or aspire to attract into my life. I am glad that I have a constant reminder of these values on me.

xoxo Lejla