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my self-care routine

here are some things I do to relax and reset my inner being:

1) put on my Frank Sinatra vinyl. There is something so satisfying about this man's voice that soothes me to my core. The act of putting on a record is much more intentional and physical than opening up Spotify on my laptop.

2) paint my nails. I have been loving Ella+Mila nail polish! It dries quickly and lasts long. Also, it is cruelty-free, vegan, and made without seven very harmful chemicals usually found in nail polish.

3) do a face mask + hair mask. The face mask I currently use is the African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask by Shea Moisture. This one works well and smells like play-doh. For my hair mask, I usually slather on the coconut oil and leave on for 15 minutes while doing my face mask. 

4) JOURNAL. This is probably the best thing I can do for my self-care. I have been journaling for years, and I try to write at least a page every day. Whenever I feel anxious, overwhelmed, angry, or sad, I write until the feelings pass. It helps immensely just getting those thoughts out of my head.

5) meditate.  Along with journaling, meditating is always a great help when I'm feeling strange mentally. I don't do it often enough because I am literally a child and can not sit still. I was using the Calm app for a long time to help guide my meditations and give me a voice to focus on. 

6) water my plants. If my plants are happy and thriving, then I am happy and thriving. Watering my nine plant babies twice a week makes me a happy plant mama.

7) read a book. Reading is an easy outlet for me to get out of my own head and into the mind of another. Currently, I am rereading The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, and wow I love this woman's work so much! She is so well written; I would recommend reading anything by her.

8) declutter. Ever since I started minimalism and I binge-watched Marie Kondo's Netflix show, decluttering has become something so necessary to my self-care. I feel like clearing out my space feels like clearing out my mind. Keeping only things that serve me either emotionally or physically helps me be less materialistic and focus on more important things.