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Q: how do you know if you still love someone?

A: I think its in the way you think about them, if it makes you feel something in your gut whether its good or bad. I also think that love can be active or passive and you don’t have to necessarily love one person because of that. Like active love is if you want to currently be with this person and they give you butterflies in your stomach in this very moment. For me that is **** and I feel it more deeply every time I look at him or doing anything with him. Passive love can be past loves you still have love for which is okay as long as they are not acted on . Like I consider ****** passive love because I still have love for him but I am not IN LOVE with him in this very moment and I have no intention of pursuing this love. Thinking of ****** doesn't bring up any emotions for me anymore so thats how I know I don’t love him at all.