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thrift tips: home decor

I find some of the best stuff at thrift stores and flea markets in terms of home decor items. I try to keep the things in my room to a minimum, but it is nice to have items that are cute, functional, and pretty inexpensive. Here are some of my favorite tips when searching for home decor items in thrift stores!

look at the ceramics

these are great for plant potters, vases for flowers, and I even use a teapot I found at Goodwill to water my plants with

vintage film cameras look great as decor

the 35mm cameras at thrift stores are a STEAL. (( do not purchase an old film camera on Depop or eBay before you check your local thrift store )). If you find one that works, great! And even if it doesn't work, collect them and put them on a shelf as display pieces

cool boxes for storage / woven baskets for storage

most of the storage I created in my room came from boxes I found at the thrift store. If you look hard enough, you can find some great condition boxes for all your storage needs. Also, DO NOT buy a woven basket from places like Target or Michaels for $20+. I found one at my local Goodwill that was precisely what I was looking for, for only $4!

soap dishes as ring holders /pin holders

i found an awesome blue-green marble soap dish at the thrift store and used it to store all my pins. Essentially we're just finding ways to repurpose objects beyond their single designated use

use accessories as decor

i found these cute caged bird wall hooks and put up some of my favorite bags up to upscale a plain white wall. I also use my scarfs and headbands as decoration over my mirror

go to your smaller locally-owned thrift store instead of big franchises

some of these locally-owned thrift stores may be slightly more expensive than your Goodwill or Salvation Army, but that is because they have to compete with these companies. Also, their shops are more curated and usually have higher quality items than Goodwill. SUPPORT YOUR SMALL BUSINESSES!

use old books or records to collage your walls

these items tend to be the most inexpensive and abundant at thrift stores, and they look the best on your walls. You could also get a handful of vintage photographs or postcards. Just be creative and make it your own with items that gravitate towards you

go to flea markets instead of curated vintage stores

while flea markets are tough to handle and are not as pretty as vintage stores, they are much less expensive. You can find some amazing things at your local flea market and sometimes even talk the seller down in price. Garage sales are another great way to find unique vintage pieces without the expensive price tag